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A Place to Call Home

A common question we get asked is how we came to be on the farm and within the wine industry.

To the general outsider being a Wine Maker and living on a Vineyard is such a romantic notion, one that many people dream of. Often people are unaware of the hard work and true grit that is involved on a daily, monthly, yearly basis and the commitment that you have to the land, your business and the industry. Like any form of farming, because that's exactly what we are doing, Viticulture & Wine Making is a complex concoction of Science, respect for the land, passion & sacrifice. It often means long working days, non existent weekends, delayed holidays & a magnitude of variables that are totally out of your control.

It seems interesting then, why someone would choose this farming lifestyle or career path when on so many occasions it just all seems "too hard" or as some people put it "flogging a dead horse" with our current climatic & political state.

And so I come back to how we came to be here.... Some of the words & phrases that come to mind would be; legacy, love, passion, in our blood, the ability to make our mark and do better, family. I don't think there is one neatly packaged little answer, because it would vary for every person living on & working the land & it would change for each person at any given moment in time. But for us, in this moment... Fulfilling dreams, family legacy & a deep desire to learn about & practice sustainable farming methods is a huge driving force for us. I think Dave and I are lucky enough to be living on the land at a time of change & new opportunities, where older outdated methods are being replaced by new, innovative ideas. We, as a team are open minded & willing to learn new ways of doing things & we truly do respect & love our land & environment; something that has been passed down to us from our parents and grandparents. It is with great excitement that we take on the responsibility of looking after our environment & ensuring that we adapt & make the necessary changes to our farming & wine making practices so that our children & grandchildren have the opportunity to farm should they choose, but most importantly, to call this place home for many years to come!

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