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Loddon River

Bridgewater North

Victoria - Australia


Family Vineyard within the Bendigo Wine Region


White, Shiraz, Rosé, Sparking Rosé


Madelyn sparkling rosé wine
Madelyn Sparkling Rosé
Ruby Rosé Wine
Ruby Rosé
Shiraz 2015

Way of life

Passion & love

"Operating a Vineyard is just another form of farming. It is hard work, all year round, with little time off and often working while battling the elements. Like any farming family, we do it because we love it, and because we are passionate about our land and producing a product that is of exceptional quality. We then transfer this passion from the vineyard into our wine making; and so it is that you only receive a product that's been made with true passion and love!"

David & Jayne Lawson

What we do 

Ethic Farming

We love farming and all the diversity

that comes with it! Our main focus is farming our grapes each year to achieve great quality fruit and successful yields. From here our focus is to produce beautiful  wines to share with the world. We also love to farm sheep and take great pride in our management of the stock. We also crop our own oats and lucerne to feed our livestock.


2015 Shiraz 

We are very proud of our recent achievements at the Australian Small Wine Makers Show and the Victorian Wine Show. Bringing home a Bronze award at both of these shows for our 2015 Shiraz.


This is only the beginning of wonderful journey ahead!

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