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Drive Thru Cellar Door

In these times of uncertainty, we are all needing to change and adjust the way we run our businesses. We need to find a way to continue to operate and survive this testing time together. With all our new “norms” of isolation and social distancing, we have to adjust, re-set and continue to move forward.This is why we are offering to you a new service here at Black Wallaby Wines.


The Wallaby Drive Thru Cellar Door! 

Drive Through, pick up, pay with PayWave, we load it up for you and you keep driving. No need to get out of the car, no need to break the social distancing rules.

Here is how this new service will work:

  • Visit our farm at 38 Avondale Lane in North Bridgewater – follow the signs as you drive in


  • Drive up to the front door & call the number on the sign out the front to place your order (honk your horn if you have no reception)

  • We will put your wine order together for you and load it into the boot of your car


  • Pay for your wine using PayWave (no cash exchanged) Drive away, a happy, healthy customer with a boot full of wine to help get you through social isolation!


You can also choose to pre-order your wines though the email enquiry below or Facebook Messenger and we will have them ready for you upon arrival.

It has never been more important to support local business, but also for businesses to support you! We are thrilled to offer you this service so you are still able to drink our amazing wines, shop local, but be vigilant and safe during this crazy time of COVID 19.

Free Local Delivery is still available within Bridgewater, Bendigo and the surrounding districts.

No exchange of cash is necessary as we have card facilities that we are able to bring to you or direct debit is accepted. Wine is able to be left on your doorstep.

Cellar Door Price List 

Item                   Package        Single Bottle     Price Per Doz     

2017 Madelyn              6 pk                               $30                                $180                                                                               

Sparkling Rosé            12pk                              $30                                $360                        

2020 Ruby                    6pk                                $20                                 $120                        

Rosé                             12pk                              $20                                 $240                        

2020 Albino                6pk                                $20                                 $120                        

White                         12pk                             $20                                 $240     


2021 Sylvie                   6pk                                $25                                $130

Sangiovese                  12pk                              $25                                $250            

2017 Joey                   6pk                                $20                                  $120                         

Shiraz                           12pk                              $20                                  $240                         

2016 Estate                6pk                                 $25                                 $150                         

Shiraz                          12pk                                $25                                 $300   


2018 Estate                 6pk                                  $25                                $150

Shiraz                          12pk                                $25                                 $300

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