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The word terroir refers to the soil, climate and topography where a vineyard is located. 

Our vineyard was established along the banks of the Loddon River in Central Victoria. The climate is typically a continental one, where we experience long, hot Summers and cool, frosty winters.

The soil within our terroir is a sandy, loam clay that allows the vines to develop a deep root system.

Part of our farming philosophy is to practice organic farming techniques where ever possible. Organic farming within a vineyard sustains the soils integrity allowing native flora and microbes to flourish, providing the vines access to micronutrients and minerals from the soil. This is turn produces fruit of exceptional quality. 

Ruby Rosé 

2018 - Spring Sale 25% Off

Named as a tribute to our growing family Ruby-Sue is the eldest of the baby wallabies hopping around our Vineyards enthusiastically helping Mum and Dad produce the exceptional fruit in this wine.


Just like this Rosé wine, our Ruby is vibrant, fun and has plenty of fresh strawberry characteristics. A beautiful representation of the Shiraz fruit that makes up this delicious drop. As a family, we work all year round to deliver wines that represent our region and our passion for the product from paddock to table.


The perfect accompaniment to Summer, this beautiful Ruby Rosé is a delightfully refreshing drop that will be best shared in the warm sun with friends and family.  



AU$ 30

Madelyn Sparkling Rosé


Named as a tribute to our middle wallaby, Madelyn will always be found two steps behind her Dad in the paddock. This budding little farmer loves to get her hands dirty in the Vineyard and is our taste testing connoisseur at harvest time ; helping to ensure the grapes are picked at their optimal ripeness. 


Just like it's namesake, this Sparkling Rosé is full of bubbles and energy, just waiting for you to pop the cork and celebrate. A beautiful soft pink colour with a nose of strawberries and fresh red fruits will have your yearning for a taste. On the palate this wine delivers a crisp, fresh finish, with soft gentle bubbles and a desire to polish off the whole bottle ! 




The famous White Wallaby, locally known as the Albino, is a rare and extraordinary sight to behold. Not often seen during the day, the White Wallaby has been spotted in the early hours of the morning down by the riverbanks, or as a white flesh of lightning, bounding through the bush.


As a tribute to our local legend, we have created a blend of two white grape varieties, Viognier and Marsanne. Fermented in barrel, displaying complimentary stone fruits, a fresh, crisp easy-drinking wine ! 

AU$ 20


AU$ 25



AU$ 20

The Joey Shiraz


Along the banks of our Loddon River we are blessed to cohabitate with the iconic Black Wallabies. It is always a highlight at our place when we see one bounding through the Vineyard with a baby Joey inn her pouch.

Commonly known for their soft gentle natures, Joey Wallabies are always popular among any crowd, and so too is our Joey Shiraz. As the name suggests this wine has a gentle Joey-like intensity, displaying delicious fruitful characteristics and soft tannins. Just like the excitement shared in our family when a baby Joey goes bounding by, the wine will excite your taste buds and leave you waiting to catch another glimpse. The Joey can be enjoyed throughout all seasons of the year due to its attractive and approachable style.




In 1997, the Lawson family established their first block of Shiraz wines in deep, sandy clay loam soils, along the banks of the Loddon River.


Today the family continue to produce exceptional Shiraz from the Vineyard, showcasing the ambrosial fruit that is grown within the Bendigo Wine Region. The 2016 vintage displays primary red fruits, blackberries and hints of anise spice. It is a medium bodied wine aged for 10 months in French Oak barrels.


The generous mid palate delivers great intensity and fine tannins, contributing to a wine with structure, elegance and logevity. The wine can be enjoyed now or will continue to mature in bottle for up to 10 years. 

AU$ 25

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