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Little Wine Regions - A Hidden Gem!

It’s funny how we are such creatures of habit when it comes to eating, drinking, dressing… in fact most things really.

We find a brand that we know and like and then we stick to it like glue, because we know what to expect every time, and its safe.

It’s a bit like that when eating out as well… How many of you are guilty of going to your favourite restaurant to try out their “new menu” only to end up ordering the exact same thing that you order every other time you eat there? It’s safe and you know what to expect!

I know in the wine buying game, it’s a very similar thing! People know their brand names, they know the region where that wine comes from and they know what to expect when they crack the top; so they tend to stick to the same wines every time. But what about those producers from tiny little wine regions that don’t have the multimillion-dollar marketing budgets to sell their labels to you? Or enter those massive wine shows that win them all the accolades.

Most of the time these little wine regions and labels are just as good as those big ones, if not better! Most of the time it is these small producers and farmers who do all the hard work themselves with very little budget to be able to outsource. These little guys have so much passion and love for what they produce; that you can literally taste the love that goes into the bottle.

Smaller, lesser known wine regions are often hidden gems! They are the regions that may not be the most recognised in the industry, but they are having to be far gutsier and work harder to gain recognition and get noticed among all the static.

It is often in these little wine regions that you will also meet the makers, share their stories, their passions and be really treated to genuine Aussie hospitality. What a treat to experience something truly unique.

As consumers it is important now, more than ever, that we try to put down the “safe” option, dare to be different, try something new and branch out. Re-invigorate your taste buds and order the new dish on the menu or perhaps walk past the commonly know brands in the wine store and ask for something from a small local producer or stop by the lesser known cellar door for a taste instead of skipping straight to the big one.

Support the little guys and take a punt on a winemaker who is so passionate about what they do, that they have started releasing their own wine label so they can make wine under their own terms, instead of having to conform with a massive corporation!

I honestly believe that you will be pleasantly surprised and will open up a whole new flavor sensation for your taste buds; who honestly, might be a bit bored with the same old, same old!

If nothing more, you support the little guys, the ones who have a story behind every label and a passion for sharing it with you! After all, that’s why they do what they do!

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